Turning alarms on and off by device group

hi… i have 2 camera groups set up, one for each of 2 homes. i can’t figure out to turn on alarms (sound and motion) in one group, and off in the other. i will be at one or the other, and need to be able to control alarming in each group independently.

only place i can see to turn alarms on/off is on main page.

can someone help?

Welcome back to the forum @rmswenson747

Have you tried a shortcut for each set of cameras?

I have a shortcut to turn off my sirens that get activated by my leak sensors

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@rmswenson747, when you say ‘alarms’ for sound and motion, do you mean turning on or off Notifications for the cams in that group?

The main page bell in the upper right is a global setting for ALL cams.

But, as @R.Good has indicated, a single shortcut button for the cams in the group can turn off notifications for just the cams in the group.

Use the pencil in the top right to edit rules, then the + sign to add a rule, select shortcut, click the image to change the logo, name the rule, click add action, scroll all the way to the bottom where your groups are listed, select the group, and select the action.

You will need one ON shortcut button and one OFF shortcut button for each group.

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thank you both for the input. i now understand the structure/logic. i have created 4 rules, an off and on for each house, which are organized as camera groups.

couple of questions…

  1. is standard practice to turn off/on motion detection and notifications, or just notifications? or just detection?
  2. why isn’t sound detection on/off an option?

It is up to your preference what you shut off.

Shutting off notifications only just keeps you from being notified on your phone of motion events. They will still record to the Events Tab and the cams remain active and recording.

Shutting off Motion Detection will not record any motion events to the Events Tab, and therefore also nothing to notify you of.

Wyze has to make sound detection an option for rules in order to use it as a trigger or action.