How to switch off

I need to sometimes switch off all cameras at once.

Not a rule or trigger, just manually control all of them on or off.

Any ideas?

Best way is with a Shortcut Rule, that makes them all go off with 1 button.

But you can also group them, and turn off the group from the Home screen listing of devices.

In both cases they are shut off from the Home tab.


Do you really need the cameras to actually shut off for awhile, or do you want them to stop notifying you for awhile? There is a button on the home screen to stop all the notifications at once.

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Yeah, need for them to stop ‘seeing’
what’s happening.


Can someone post a link on how to do this? Thx

No link required, unless you don’t know how to group (‘+’ button on Home screen, ‘Add Device Group’, ‘Camera Group’, name the group, and select the cameras). After that, just touch the ‘ON’ button on the group to turn all the cameras OFF, and vice-versa. :slight_smile:

I have a rule shortcut button on the top of my home screen to do this. It isn’t practical for me to group all of my cams together.

How to:

  1. Click pencil in top right of home screen
  2. Click Edit Rule
  3. Click Plus + in top right
  4. Click Shortcut
  5. Click on Circle Star icon if you want to change it
  6. Name the button in the open box
  7. Click Add Action
  8. Select the first cam in your list
  9. Check Turn Off Camera
  10. Click Save
  11. Click Add Action again and repeat to add more cams
  12. Click Save

When you are in the Edit Rules listing page, If you have more than one shortcut button (you saw I had 4), you can change their order by dragging the triple stack bars up and down.

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