Global camera off?

2nd v2 installed. Thinking of adding 3rd for basement entry and would add a doorbell cam if they become a reality. Issue will be too many shortcuts becomes less practical.

Newbie here. Global camera off? Maybe possible, but not obvious to this semi-Luddite. Not an option? If not, possible in the future to add a “switch” like the global on/off push notification :bell:?

You can do this with the Shortcuts feature (see below). You have to create an on or off action for each camera in the shortcut.

i think he asked if there was a global off? not a short cut to turn off for each camera. i would be interested in this as well. a global on as well as a global off with 1 button that does it for all cameras or all cameras that you designate

You can create a single shortcut with an off action for each and every camera and a single button to trigger the shortcut.

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Referring to the “Universal Actions”? Only two options. On or off all device notifications. Is it not the same as just clicking the :bell: to turn on and off all notifications?

Under “Device Actions” can only select one cam at a time.

Yes, All Device Notifications is the same as the bell icon. It really should say “all account notifications” (a change which is being considered).

Yes, you can make a single button to turn on/off all cameras (even though there isn’t an “all camera off” option). You simply make a single shortcut that has a separate “off” action for each camera. Shortcuts can have multiple actions associated with them.

Here are the steps:

  1. Tap the Edit button in the Shortcuts section
  2. Tap Create Shortcut
  3. Tap Actions
  4. Tap +New Action
  5. Tap the first camera name
  6. Tap “Turn off the camera”
  7. Tap Save
  8. Tap “New Action” and repeat steps 5-7 for each camera
  9. Tap the < button
  10. Set up the automation and/or Shortcut button
  11. Enter a shortcut name
  12. Tap Done
    13 Tap Done again

Your action list will look like this:

All of those cameras will be turned off when the shortcut executes.


Thanks for the step by step process.
Learned something new. Couple minutes of input. Reduced the shortcut clutter. Functionally more efficient home page