Cams installed-ok Is there a way to enable/disable globally?

All cameras working fine. Very happy with setup.
New guy. Is there a way to enable/disable all recording on all cameras so when home do not have nuisance recordings yet when leave house, set all to record on motion. I know I can do each camera individually but looking for a way to start/stop recording with one key press for all cameras at once.
Is this possible? Seems to me it would be useful.

Welcome to the user community, @triples2021!

To answer your question, yes there is. ‘How’ depends on the level you want to do it.

In the simplest form (one button press for all cameras), you can create a shortcut (‘Add Rule’ from the Home tab’s ‘+’ menu in the upper-left corner) that turns Motion Detection off when you press the shortcut, and another that turns motion detection back on. You can create such a shortcut that applies to multiple cameras. You would still be live on all cameras though; the cameras just wouldn’t be sending motion events to the cloud. That means you would still be on live view, and if you have an SD card installed that is set to record, it would still be recording you locally.

If that bothers you, you could instead change the shortcut action to turning on or off the camera(s) themselves. That would stop the live camera view and the SD recordings, but the camera would still remain powered, and anyone with access can power them back up. They would also power back up after a power failure.

You could go further and create shortcuts that turn on and off smart plugs that power the cameras (smart plugs are recommended for anyone who wants the ability to cycle power remotely). Then only people with access to the plugs could turn them back on, and not shared users, like with the software power down above.

With more effort, you can make this automatic with a 3rd party service called life360, or with the upcoming location-based rules. These options would track your phone and automatically turn whatever option you choose on or off depending on whether your phone(s) are home or not.


What a great comprehensive answer.


Hmm I’m trying to do something similar but for person announcements and via Alexa. The sticking point for me appears to be the limit of one custom action per routine. So I can only disable a single camera’s person announcements with a single Alexa routine. :frowning:

And as far as I know there is no way to control camera features or launch Wyze shortcuts (or even turn cameras “off”) via Alexa.

@Newshound, Yes, very comprehensive. This is another one of yours that I save outside the forum into a folder of Wyze documents so I can find it again to help myself.

Great job.