Wyze Cam Rule Question

Searched but could not find anything to answer my question…

I have 6 cams and if there is some way to do so I would like to be able to turn on / turn off “Detects Motion” for all 6 cameras when we are occasionally out of the house for all day errands. Since we are retired and around the house a lot, I do have a few individual rules for some individual cameras. But when we’re gone a couple times a month, it would be nice to be able to turn on / turn off motion detection for all 6 cameras at once … instead of one by one by one. :upside_down_face:

Is there any way to do this?

Yes, I believe you can create a shortcut that is set to turn of all of your cameras motion detection. You just hit the add button, rule, then shortcut. Name your rule and have it turn of all your cameras. Then when you go into the Wyze app all you need to do is click on the shortcut at the top of your screen and it will turn of the motion detection for all your cameras.

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Thank you! Sorry for not getting back sooner but I have my 2 Wyze Cam v3 outside set for evening hours, so needed to wait until morning to test out this option. And it’s exactly what I wanted to do … but my slow brain didn’t realize one could add those assortment of rules under the shortcut option.
So, thank you for pointing this out and its going to be a huge time-saver when we’re gone for the day on errands, etc.

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No problem! I am glad you figured it out!

Correction: YOU figured it out … I just did the grunt work. :rofl:

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