Enable/Disable Detection on All Cameras

Is it currently possible to enable/disable detection for all cameras instead of individually?

I have several wyze cams and I mostly use them for security purposes. It’s very time consuming, especially on a slow network, to go into each camera, wait for it to load, then enable/disable detection for movement/sound. It would be a nice feature to have some global settings to turn everything on/off.

Even better would be to have user defined notification modes such as Home, Away, etc. Something like is done in Ooma’s Home Security app.

Those are some great recommendations! We don’t have anything like that currently but I’ll bring it up to the team!

I second this request big time. There are times I leave the house and I want to turn on notifications as I walk out the door so i know if something happens while i am gone. Do it under each camera I will is not fun. Think Nest. Home / Away.

I agree with this. I’d like a Home button and Away button. Video monitoring isn’t need when I’m home.

Best feature request so far! I have had two types of security systems in the past and I just sprang for 5 cameras. I set them up only to realize there’s no global on/off or suspend for all cameras at once. This would be a huge feature for me since I work from home. I realize I could set a schedule, but then if I have to go run an errand or pick up kids, I need an easy way to turn all the cameras on/off or suspend/unsuspend.

It would be great to be able to put them into some kind of suspend mode rather than turning off all notifications / motion & sound detection. In my situation, when I’m home (I would assume others as well) would want the cameras to consume as little power as possible.

Thank you!~

Same here, slowing building out the cameras to cover the whole house but there is no way to turn on/off all the motion detection setting except doing it one at a time. It is time consuming when you try to leave quickly. +1 vote on global setting feature.


I found the Shortcut option to set all cams to Activate/Deactivate on a timed schedule which is great! But when I need to easily deactivate them (like today when I had to run home unexpectedly at lunch) having to disarm then RE-arm them all individually is insanely time consuming. Any progress on a global option?

You can easily create a shortcut to enable or disable motion detection for all your cameras. It’s pretty easy and obvious once you start setting up the shortcut. You can add more than one camera to a shortcut.

What app are you using for this? Doesn’t look like IFTTT.

I had IFTTT working for ‘all camera’ detection enable/disable but now isn’t working for some reason, have a ticket in. Are there better options for automating some settings? Thanks!

It’s right in the Wyze app. It’s not “automated”. I have to actually select the shortcut in the app for it to take effect.


Interesting, I guess I’m a rev behind on the iOS app. I see the Task function on my iPad with newest app rev. I never saw any announcement of this feature set, big mystery or is it just me? I do have 3 of them currently


Ahhhh now I see, thanks! I had time-dependent Tasks setup, didn’t see the way to add them as Manual Tasks initially. Now I wonder why it doesn’t include Sound Detection too, that still requires going into every individual camera’s settings.

I have 6 Wyze camera’s and it’s time consuming to enable and disable motion sensing on all the camera’s. I don’t understand how to make a shortcut to simplify this task. Is there a video on how to do this?

By searching the Support section of the Wyze website for “shortcut”, I found these.



I’ve looked at those but it’s still kind of confusing to me, but thanks.

I figured it out.

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It’s simple. Don’t worry about setting up something that will be time consuming to do each time that you want to turn ON or OFF your cameras. I currently run multiple cameras. The notifications were driving me crazy!
Simply go to your ACCOUNT. Go to NOTIFICATIONS. Go to PUSH NOTIFICATIONS. Go to the slide button that reads Enable. Touch this button and turn ON or OFF all of your WYZE camera notifications.
You will still receive the recorded clips, but you will not receive an audible sound or vibration until you enable PUSH NOTIFICATIONS again. Then, you can delete unwanted clips.
I hope that this helps anyone having the same concerns that I was experiencing. Happy New Year!