motion detection on off globally

Is it possible to turn off motion detection for all cameras from one place? Right now you have to go to settings of each camera to turn it on/off when you leave/come home.



I don’t think so. But if you’re just trying to stop your phone from binging all the time, you could go the the gear icon in the Notifications tab and turn off Push Notification. The cameras will still be sending clips to the cloud, but your phone will stop bothering you.

Is it possible to manage push notifications by each individual camera?

I’d like to have motion detection turned on for all my cameras, but I only want push notifications for one of them. I’m hoping I’m missing the setting somewhere.


Again, I don’t think so. Sure would be nice though.

I can’t figure this out either, and it’s quite perplexing, because:

  1. I have more than one camera, and needing to go through several menu options to turn them all on/off is not something people do. Having a button to turn motion detection on/off seems logical, in a common sense kind of way.
  2. There is IFTTT integration, and I can turn motion detection on/off when I leave and arrive - except, I have a wife!
  3. There is NO on/off when everybody leaves/arrives (I know of a different geofencing service, but that's 2 degrees of separation)
Do Wyze Labs people have significant others, and use their own cameras? I'm guessing not.

In the 1.5 update we are adding Tasks to let you program in various functions.

Actions will include:
Turning a camera on/off
Turning motion detection on/off
Restarting the camera
Uploading a short clip to the cloud (12 seconds like an Alert Video)

Tasks can be scheduled by time, or by manual action and can have multiple cameras added. Currently we do not have a time frame on a built in geofencing feature but do have it under consideration.