Motion detection since server issue

Since the issue the other days server issue, I have noticed that motion detection is always turned off.
I have short cuts set up so when “I’m away” it turns on camera and sound and motion detection, and I have “I’m home” which turns the cameras and detections off.
Since the issue the other day I have noticed that the every time I turn the camera on it doesn’t detect motion, and I have found that when going into the camera settings the “detect motion “ is toggled off and I have to manually turn on. But I have to do this every single time I turn on the camera and I have to do it with each camera.
Any suggestions? (I have delayed and created new shortcuts)

For the “I’m home” shortcut why do you need to turn off motion detection if you are turning the cameras off?

I just select turn off everything while I am home.
But the issue really is that it is not turning montion on for “I’m away”

Have you looked at shortcut history?

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I actually didn’t realize that was a feature. I just went and found it and it says “partially succeeded” and each event says “error” for turn on motion detection

You should submit a ticket, including log and describe your steps. My Account => Help & Feedback => Report an issue.

Actually, before doing that, what actions are in your shortcut? In what order?

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My latest shortcut (repeated for all cameras) is:
Turn off the camera
Turn off motion detection
Turn off notifications

Turn on the camera
Turn on motion detection
Turn on notifications

I suspect, there isn’t enough time after turning the camera on to start setting the motion detection switch. I’ve never done what you’re doing, so I’m just guessing. If you don’t turn off motion detection while your turning off the camera, you may only need to turn the camera on and it be set to detect motion.

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Okay I might just put it back to basics and try “turn on all device notifications” and “turn on the camera” (for each one) and see what happens

*not first attempt at this turn on motion but I had to toggle on turn on “send push notifications manually”. I’ll try a few times and see if that stays on

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I think just turn off and then turn on is all you should need.

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