Trying to get up to speed on shortcuts

I have several cams, motion sensors and contact sensors.

Have so far created four shortcuts.

  1. AWAY: to turn on send notifications on all devices (if away overnight or longer)

  2. HOME: to turn off send notifications on all devices upon return

  3. NIGHT: to turn on send notifications on all devices (turns on at certain time)

  4. MORNING: to turn off send notifications on all devices (turns off at certain time)

First, how do I turn off notification on all cameras in #1 and #3? (I find the number of false alarms, mostly changes in light received [could be lightning, cloud passing in front of sun, or passing vehicles headlights] unacceptable and I find that the motion and contact sensors give off no false notifications.)

Secondly, is there conflict between #1 and #3? To test, I turned on AWAY, but am not receiving notifications, so wondering if #4 is overriding.


In the Actions of a shortcut select Mute or UnMute notifications to turn on (unmute) or off (mute) all camera notifications.

Hi Bruce, Yes, that is how I set them up by selecting “Universal Notifications”, but my first question has to do with how not to turn on the cameras’ notifications in the (Universal) group action. Are you saying that I should not select Universal Notifications, but rather individually select all the devices one by one that I do want turned on (there are a lot more of them than the cameras)? Or is there a way to select, “Universal Notifications” and delete the much smaller number of cameras?

Also any ideas on the possible conflict (#2)? Thanks.

If you want to act on a subset of cameras you would individually select the cameras to mute or unmute. This could conflict with #2 yes.

When I am doing something with a few cameras I always explicitly turn off or on the notifications I want on each individual camera to avoid that.

Want to make sure I understand. Is the #2 you mention:
a) my #2 in the list of 4, or

b) my question raised in the paragraph “Secondly…”?

Many thanks

Ah, sorry, your #2 in the list of 4.