How To - Turn OFF specific sensors when AT HOME (but, keep exterior doors ON)

We recently purchased the sensors and set up each one, individually.
Then, we set up our Shortcuts for when at HOME and when AWAY.
But, we get notifications ALL the time, even though we don’t need them when we’re at HOME.
How do we tell the interior sensors to stop notifications when at HOME, but, tell all of them to turn ON when we are AWAY ??
Do we need separate BRIDGES ?? (Just ordered another.)

(We are new to the Community and could not find this subject…)

There is currently no way to turn on/off Sensors

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You can turn off notifications for the sensors inside the settings for the sensor. I hoped you could turn off notifications for a group of sensors, but alas, no. Good wish list item, though, if it isn’t already on it.

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I have shortcuts set up to do this now in the beta version of the app (I’ll have to confirm if it’s available in the public app):

  • “Doors off” shortcut with 2 actions (turns off notifications only for my door sensors):
    • Front Door: turn notifications off
    • Back Door: turn notifications off
  • “Shed off” shortcut with 2 actions (turns off notifications for the motion and contact sensor in the shed):
    • Shed motion: turn notifications off
    • Shed Door: turn notifications off
  • “Cams off” shortcut with 4 actions (turns off notifications for all 4 Wyze Cams)
  • “Lockdown” shortcut with 20+ actions (turns on notifications for every single sensor or cam)

Works great for those times when you want to disable a group of sensors or cameras, or make sure they’re all on before you go to bed.


Hope they provide the ability to turn off sensors in an update.
THANKS for all of your responses.

I guess I didn’t read your post very well , You just wanted do turn off notifications

We’re new to this…
Thank you for your post. You read our post correctly. We want to be able to turn them OFF.
We don’t have an actual solution, but, at least you were able to let us know it cannot be turned off.
Hopefully, they will provide an update.

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As far as notifications go you can use IFTTT to turn them on or od when you enter our leave home…
Just go to and create an account or download the app, connect Wyze as a service and you will see applets (recipes) to turn on or off notifications when entering or leaving an area (uses your phone as the tracking device)

Unfortunately, that is an all-or-nothing situation. Either all notifications are enabled, or all are disabled.
I’d like that ability for each camera in IFTTT like is available in the app.

I put in a request for IFTTT triggers to execute shortcuts months ago, which would solve a world of issues. Unfortunately it has been wishlisted -. here is the spot to go and vote for it - please do!
Add More IFTTT Triggers and Actions

Similar question: I installed two Entry Sensors on a Bedroom window, so when weather permitting, I can have a separate sensor for when window is partially open. My Question is- how do temporarily deactivate the other sensor (I.e. on used when window is fully closed)?

Why not just use a second magnet at the open position? No need for a second sensor.


Excellent idea… thanks! I’ll try that right now.

Apparently, since the sensor must be paired to the magnet, and can not be paired to another magnet.

There’s nothing unique about the magnets and they aren’t paired to the sensors.


Your idea worked… thank you!! Gladly (for me & others reading this) & sadly (for Wyze), you know more about the product than the online Chat Support Team.

Not sure which would be worse, not understanding that they are just magnets and aren’t paired to a sensor or just trying to sell additional hardware.


I agree; both are egregious. My sense, in having 2-3 chats so far, is that the Support Team has not been properly trained on the product, but mainly they’ve received elementary training on communicating with a semblance of concern for the customer.

Thanks again for your insightful help!

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Did Support mention that? If so, can I get your ticket number so some QA can be looked at? Thanks in advance!

No, they did not. The ticket number is: 2372294