Rules for multiple cameras

I am new to Wyze rules and feel I am missing something obvious. I have several cameras in 2 locations. When I am at a location I want to be able to turn them off with a shortcut, not a location trigger. I can create a shortcut can’t figure out how to make the shortcut apply to 2 devices. Searched but apparently not using the correct terms. Thanks in advance.

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The easiest way to accomplish this would be to group your cameras by location, then create the shortcut to control the locational group.

This rule would look similar to the below


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Grouping the devices as suggested is the easiest way so that you can just add one action for that group.

But, if you wanted to leave them ungrouped in your device list, or if you want to add actions for devices that can’t be grouped together: When you are building the Shortcut Rule, after clicking on Add Action, selecting the first cam, and selecting the Action you want (Turn Off), click on the plus + sign beside Add Action again and repeat the same for the next cam:

You can add as many cams and devices as you like to the shortcut and each can also have multiple actions selected at once.

Just make sure to make a second shortcut trigger button to turn them back on.


Or, create a scheduled Rule that turns them back on at sunset, or whenever you are guaranteed to be gone. If they are already on, no foul. If they are off it turns them back on.

Rules are very flexible. :slight_smile:


Thanks to all for the ideas and info.

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