An easy way to turn on or off groups of camera alarms

Just like some security systems.

I would like to be able to group any set of camera alarms and easily turn them on or off.

For example:
My door cameras (person) and my yard camera (person) along with my office camera (person, motion or sound) would be my “Home Group”
All my cameras (person) might be my “Away Group”
I could also create an “Entry Group” that is my front door (person), back door (person), side door(person) and door from garage to house (person or motion or sound).

Then, all groups are in a list that I can quickly select to enable those alarms and ignore the rest.

You can do this with the Shortcuts feature of the app, setting up a button for each group action. You can have any number of actions in each shortcut. For more info on using shortcuts, look at the instructions found in the Support link, top right.

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