Trying to shortcut I'm Home & I'm Away Grouped Cams separately

Hi folks. Not a techie here so bear with me. I have 2 sets of cameras “grouped” in 2 different locations. I use the “I’m away & I’m home” shortcuts.
Is it possible to shortcut these 2 groups separately since I’m usually at one and away from the other?
So far, I’ve only been able to have them “all” on or off… Thank you!

Are you beta testing the Home Monitoring System (HMS) already or something? I have not seen the I’m Away & I’m Home shortcuts yet (I’m also running Android Beta) and it was my understanding that they are supposed to be part of that system. If that is the case, you may have to ask this question to the testing group.

If that is not the case, can you elaborate a little on where or how you found these shortcuts? Or maybe show a screenshot (again, don’t do this if you are beta testing the HMS system and are supposed to only discuss this in the testing group)? Or are you saying you made your own shortcuts that you decided to name I’m home and I’m away that do specific functions you created yourself with rules, but aren’t the shortcuts that will be coming with the HMS system?

This is the basic camera APP
I have 4 at my house and just installed 3 at another house.
The “other” house has invited me to the account, and I’m able to see fine and also “make changes”

I’m trying to turn off their alerts but keep mine on
I’ll figure it out eventually (maybe there’s a you tube)

Thanks for getting back to me

Ah, keep in mind that currently, if someone else else shared devices with you, if you turn off alerts for their devices, then they also won’t get alerts on their devices for their own home. When they notice this, they will then turn them back on, and you will suddenly get those alerts again, because any change currently makes the change for EVERYONE using that device. I think that currently the only way to stop getting their alerts is to remove their cameras.

Wyze did say that they are working on some potential changes to the sharing system, but we don’t have a lot of details on that yet.

For now, if it’s okay if you change the other house’s settings for them, then yes, you can configure your own rules to do that. Just keep in mind that currently the changes take place for everyone.

Exactly Carver; you explained what I was “trying” to say…lol
You’re exactly right and verified that at this time there is no remedy.
Thanks for the help

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Yes, slightly different issue here. Ideally (to me) it would be helpful is the account holder (or primary holder) of certain cameras were the only one who could “control” the settings and the person receiving the shared invitation could only “view”
But then the “viewer” (2nd party) could turn off notifications without turning off his own notifications. It’s like all or nothing. I have the 2 sets of cameras “grouped” which may be part of the problem… I dunno
I don’t want to spy on my friend and her family, but only want to initiate notifications once I know they’ve all left their house.
At the same time, I may “want” notifications on for my own home.
Wyze is very impressive; no doubt they’ll come up with something

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