Notifications from 3 cams at once

When I step out my back door onto my driveway I am in the view of 3 cams. I get a notification from each cam and also from my lock saying the door was opened. I walk down the driveway to my car and I get the camera notification again and again… Kind of annoying. I would like to be able to group the cams and only get ONE notification every 30 seconds. Is that possible?


Hi @trouble,

There is no way to do that currently. I honestly cannot think of a way to achieve it with any workaround either.

That is a brilliant idea/suggestion! I do things similar to this with other devices grouped in Home Assistant. For example, a motion sensor group in home assistant will treat all sensors in the group as if they are a single sensor, so if one detects motion, the whole group shows as detecting motion, and the group won’t show as motion clear until ALL motion sensors in that group are clear. Then we can have notifications or other rules based on the sensor group, and not individual sensors. It’s amazing. I love it so much.

It would be really cool and amazing if Wyze found a way to do this for cameras for both notifications and rules. Like, set it up to where if any camera in the group detects motion, then the group sends a motion notification or shows that the group currently detects motion, but doesn’t KEEP sending that notification for every single camera because it’s based on the group level in the same way as a group of sensors detecting motion. They could do the same thing for person detection, why not? If any camera detects motion, then the GROUP shows as person detected, and when no cameras are detecting a person then it shows as clear of person detection. Then we could do notifications and rules based solely on the status of a group of cameras. This could actually be so amazing! For example, even indoors with indoor cameras, you could have a group of cameras check for if there is a person upstairs, if there is, turn on the upstairs lights. If all cameras are ever clear of a person, then turn off the upstairs lights. Great automation.

This has a lot of potential. I think it’s a fantastic suggestion! Home Assistant allows doing similar things, so it is definitely possible. It might take Wyze some effort to program something similar, but it would be so awesome if they did. In the meantime, I might actually see if I can implement something like this using Scrypted or Docker Wyze Bridge with Frigate to combine Wyze cameras into group detections. Thanks for the idea.

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