More group control (e.g. notifications/events on/off for group)

When cams are grouped, the home screen shows the groups, and for each group, there’s currently only a status button (to turn the wholegroup off/on). This is currently the only, and least-useful, group function.

I’d like more ways to change the whole group, especially notifications. For example, turn off/on notifications for the whole group. My use case is, my cameras groups represent physical locations (e.g. my home, my business, my vacation home), when I’m at a location I want to turn off all notifications while I’m there, and then turn them back on when I leave. I don’t want to do this on a schedule (my schedule isn’t regular enough), and I don’t want to turn the group off (because something might still happen that I still want recorded), nor do I want all client device notifications off (since something might be happening at another location, that I want notifications on).

Similar to group notifications control, I’d like group event control, for similar reasons. When I’m at a physical location (e.g. my business), I don’t want the cameras to create hundreds of events of myself, I’d rather turn off events for the group while I’m there, and turn them back on when I leave.

There are other reasons why manual control over groups, is better than some rule-based control, though I can see rules helping in more limited (albeit automatable) use-cases.

I second all of this. Good idea!

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I’ll third this and link to your well-written explanation:

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Wyze App push - events Notification

One idea can we have multiple push notifications enabled 1 per location.

I don’t want to see any push notifications from my Wyze Sense when i’m home. Meanwhile my office needs push notifications when I’m away from it. The only option I found is to cut notification for both of them. Which defice the purpose.


If you have more than one location for cameras. I would like a setting for turning on push notifications for one group of cameras. As in leave work and turn 4 camera on, Get home and turn 5 camera on. It should be more than one or the other. as in group a = work, group b = home, group c= vacation home.

Camera group notifications - enable/disable

Like the camera (device) groups. Much like you have the “bell” icon that lets you enable or disable notifications for all devices it would be nice to offer this at the group level. And/or have multiple setting/features that affect all cameras in the group rather than individually setting all camera settings

I have two different properties with Wyze cameras installed. I have setup each property with their own camera group. I prefer to turn off/on the cameras (group) depending on which property I’m occupying. Currently, I have to setup four separate rules to handle this capability.

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camera groups

It is great being able to group cameras. Can you make it so we can silence one group at a time and not all just all cameras?

I have cameras inside and out. It would be nice to turn off notifications on the inside cameras when home and if I am mowing the yard turn off the outside.