Turn off/on Notification rule fails with random Errors

My Turn off/on Notification rule fails with random Errors.
I have deleted and recreated this a few times.
I have used groups and individual schedules.
Same issue.
Sometimes it fires and it works on all cameras. Sometimes it fires and I get Errors on random cameras.
BTW, I have 16 cameras so using rules is critical to my ability to manage.
Why is this failing?

If these rules are sending a command to the camera to turn off notifications, Why?
Would it not be easier and more reliable to simply build this into the phone app to NOT alert during this time? This would remove any dependency on the camera to receive and apply this request.
My fear is that this trigger occurs once at the scheduled time. If there is any momentary interruption or delay in wifi connectivity at that time, it will fail. I am sure there is little to no logic to Retry on failure.
I love my cameras but am really disappointed in the stability of scheduled rules.

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I am using rules to silence notifications on a select list of only 15 of my cams and then turn back on. The rules fire and execute at least twice a day without issues.

In order to determine why yours are having issues, it is important for us to see a screenshot of the rule and the actions as well as a screenshot of the errors.

Because you may only want select cams silenced, like mine. Also, muting the app notifications shuts down all device notifications, not just cams.

When selecting the actions for a rule, this option is available. It is at the top of the list and will turn off all app notifications. The Bell :bell: in the home screen will show with the zzz designation to show the App notifications are muted for all devices:

All rules are saved on and executed from the server. So, any WiFi connectivity issues, as you indicated, would prevent rule execution. There aren’t any scheduling or rule automations programmed into most of the cams. Some of the older ones do have Motion Detection scheduling that would both prevent any recorded uploads and notifications from those uploads.

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Since it failed what I did was reset the schedule to run again a few minutes later then current time. A sort of cheap man’s Run Now button. They fired and ran success. I then set it back to the normal time. A run now button would be nice to remove the need for this work around. Since then. The last few times ran smooth. I will send pic next time it fails.

If they ran from the server is there any feedback logic built in? Run once. No response. Run again. No response. Run again. No response. Time stamp failure. Collect logs when available and review or scrape for error. I should restate my last comment in that my wifi is not really my concern. It is the status of the camera. I notice it will lag if an action recently took place on the camera. That is not so unexpected but if something occurred on the camera around the time of a scheduled rule then I would expect no response. This usually clears up quickly. Thus a feedback loop to execute again 1 minute later for three tries would likely catch 99%+ of these scenarios.

This is an observation from someone who now has a few dozen of your products online. I love them. Hope this helps.

No. The server fires it once and then posts the history. However, this would be a great suggestion to submit to Wyze thru a new #wishlist post.

While this is still technically a work around, what I do is I have my rule to reset cameras at a certain time daily, but I also have a shortcut set to restart all the cameras. This way if I see my rule failed I can just hit the button and it will essentially run the rule right then.

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