Tufted Titmous Looks for Bugs on the windowsill

Also, ny neighbor brought over his trap for Catius Flavius. I told him it was way too small. Well, all the cats just walked arpund it, refusing to go inside.

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Isn’t he your neighbor’s cat? What would you do with him if you caught him anyway?

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He was away for a few years, and the people living in his house had the cats. He’s also been trying to catch and rehome them. He wasn’t very happy when I told him what the cats had been doing.


That looks more like a squirrel trap. A raccoon trap might work better, especially if baited with catnip.

Yeah, I’m not used to seeing them that small. I told him he must’ve ben catching :rat: :rat: with that thing. Animal Control in town has the bigger have-a-heart teaps that can fit several cats inside that they’ll lent you for a week. But not during hot times. But if you tirn any in, you ha e to sign for them, and Im not going to do that.

:astonished: :astonished: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :raccoon:

I stopped trapping and releasing last year after a raccoon tried to get out and strangled itself.
We haven’t had any raccoons or skunks since I put some chickenwire where they were getting in.

Wow, poor thing. I haven’t seen any raccoons here at all. Well, not in my yard. I dont mind the wildlife, just not the cats.


I think this cat is trying to kill off my WCO critter cam battery. It comes by a minimum of 10 times a night and numerous times during the day every day.

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Thats why I just use longer cords to all my cams.

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