Dirty Disgusting Evil!


That is his tail switching. Imagine what his body is doing off camera. Ugh.

Happy to report Mr. Rizzo’s :rat: in custody, his animation suspended permanently. :slight_smile:


Did you provide the last meal it requested? I haven’t seen one around here in a long time but when they were here I would pierce a small hole in a dried almond and put that on the prong of the trap. It worked great but unfortunately I caught some birds too :flushed:

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Offered but refused. I think he’d eaten earlier. :slight_smile:

Collateral damage abounds. I’ve taken out some bees trying to quash a plague of crickets. :face_with_head_bandage:

In the past week, the departed Mr. Rizzo’s relatives arrived in force, two or three it looks like. Put out a trap and 45 min later ‘Norman’ took a rather nasty tumble off the rafter, spring assisted.

‘Millie’ came by shortly after to snarf up the bait crumbs (‘seriously sharp’ Vermont cheddar) and mourn her fallen buddy husband maybe? Or at least locate him, sniff him up and snarf the remaining cheese that went flying to the floor with Norm’s dispatch.

As ‘fun’ as this is, maybe better to deploy a good ratsnake?

Alas (?) they’re not common hereabouts and the ‘community cats’ are fat and lazy, overstuffed with neighbor-gift treats and tuna. I like cats but we’ve made them into useless props, their hunting instincts vacated like sex with no hope of procreation.

Hopefully ‘more rats’ isn’t the beginning of a trend. We live on an alley in a dense multi-family neighborhood with unlocked open dumpsters which are perma-stocked with a luscious mix of trash and wet garbage. So, ‘rodent friendly,’ at minimum.

No traffic for the rest of the night. Maybe the Rizzos are inhibited from their regular path temporarily, I think I’ll wait to see some activity before re-placing the trap.


Norman made a bad launch off the flight deck and a terrible landing. He should of worn his helmet.


Off the flight deck, it did look a bit like that! :+1: :grin:

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This is a Marine Rat Pilot landing an F-4 on the USS Midway CV-41 without his front paws (Landing gear) working :rofl: The aircraft was repaired in about a week and flying again with a working nose gear and a new radar nose. :grin:


I forgot about that topic. I need to find and post the video of Houdini. Thanks for the reminder! :+1:

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Excellent pix and details!

Made this earlier before seeing your and @Seapup 's last comments, throwing it up (sic) fwiw :slight_smile:



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I used to work on the communications system on F-4 fighters when I was a kid, lol.

They probably broke off the lower UHF antenna that is mounted on the front wheel well door, and I imagine the direction finder antenna on top of the nose needed some rewiring. :slight_smile:


Definitely got a “Nose Job”. A few weeks later we had an F-4 do a launch like Mr. Rizzo, the back seat guy made it out (ejecting kind of sideways), the pilot did not survive so no photos. @peepeep did you give Norman a nice funeral?


You may be thinking ‘he should have the body.’ Yet when I arrived to recover poor Norm some twelve hours later, there was no Norm. And no trace of him left on the wicked trap. In fact, it looked spanking new.

Maybe the cats aren’t as deadbeat as I thought. Or maybe he sproinged (separately) deep behind a lot of stuff I’ll have to move to find out.

He probably didn’t wiggle free and hobble down to the medical supply for a neck brace, though. Check the pix.


IMPACT: Head under bar behind the ears.



I’ll keep an eye out. You never know.


The trap probably fell off when it hit the ground. Norman may be at the law offices of a personal injury lawyer that he saw on a TV infomercial. If you don’t see him or smell him later you’ll hear from his lawyer. :grin:


Antonius! The trap never hit the ground - it was swaddled in a loosely rolled bunch of window screening about four feet below the rafter! Whaaaa? :slight_smile:

Hmmm. Cleanly decapitated? Maybe.

No blood no saliva no stain of any kind on the bare wood trap base.

Anyway, I’ll look around more later… :wink:

“I’ll be back”


Millie. I was hoping Millie would pack her grip and vamoose. No. Millie.

She took a dive like Norm’s but was pinned in the trap on the ground.

Posting another video seems like ‘overkill’ so I won’t.

RIP girl.   :rat:

I think there were just the two. :slight_smile:

Careful. This is one is fascinating but explicit. :warning:

This one still dark, but less so. :slight_smile:

You’ll be hearing from Norman :astonished:

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Stunning, eh? How can you not respect resilience like that??


A little less if they sue you, I guess. :worried: