Pepe' Le Pew & Friends

I have all their Passports and Real I.D. cards so they can’t travel to Florida. They are safe in the Raccoon/Possum community in the storm drain across the street and in my yard. Critter Sanctuary City.

The White Socks cat here stole almost all the snacks again. Opie managed to salvage one.


Oh, I don’t even want to know who Rizzo is let alone want to see his final arrangements!
Im still working on catching up with this rather extensive conversation lol

Don’t read this thread, then. :wink:

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Pepe’ is in Canada eh

Pepé was probably drunk again and needed one last drink. What do you mix with Dr. Pepper? :thinking:

Southern Comfort, can’t even tell the difference. Dr. Pepper? Southern Comfort?

Both are sugar water

You are clearly mistaken, That’s Dr. Pepper, Pepe’s long lost Canadian cousin :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Just Opie getting a Korean BBQ short rib bone snack out of the bowl, the :raccoon:'s were not interested.


Even the critters appreciate Kalbi. :yum:

I think they are getting old and loosing their teeth :slight_smile:

My father in law used to say “be true to your teeth or they will be false to you”

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Since they are California Raccoons maybe they have become vegetarians only and I’m not making them a salad. :grin:

Of course they’re, they live in a hippie comune, don’t they? :rofl:

Ok, here we go, beatin’ up on the hippies again… :roll_eyes: :wink:

10¢ if you recognize who and where this is (don’t cheat!)

Two bits if you can name the music…

(I think I can stump @mvb on this one :slight_smile: )

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@peepeep, I am stumped on that pic. I don’t know who that is. If you give me a couple of notes from a song, I would stand a better chance. :wink:

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He shares a first name with one of the Chipmunks.

In the pic, he’s ‘returning to domicile’… :wink:

It is not Paul McCartney in drag singing an early version of Rocky :raccoon: at a German club pre-Beatles… :woozy_face:

He is not among Rolling Stone’s top-100 of his kind. :grin:

Martin Scorsese was onsite during the performance. :cinema:

Bob Dylan made an album with The Band in a pastel colored house nearby.