Suspicious activity

I temporarily hung the Outdoor camera on the railing of a deck behind my condo, looking downward about 15’ to the ground. I thought I might capture a raccoon walking by, but instead see two punks who are almost certainly up to no good at 130am as they walk behind my building, which very rarely gets any foot traffic.


Nice catch. Time to setup a trap and catch them.

I find that using cans of “Mad Dog” work well as bait. Or sometimes you can hook ‘em with Skittles as well. Just be sure they take the bait fully before you set the hook. Personally I use steel leaders with 50 pound test if you don’t mind letting them run with it a bit.


:joy: :rofl:

Probably gets a lot of foot traffic. You just finally saw it because you have a camera there now. People didn’t think coyotes were in urban areas. Half of Ring’s forum posts are housewives warning everyone about coyotes. It’s a new phenomenon. It’s called alertness.


Soon after installing outdoor cameras, raccoons, possums, coyotes, groundhogs, and other species started coming around. :sunglasses:

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