Masked Bandits stopping by for a drink

V3 Cam up against the house on, ground level:

WOC mounted on the humingbird feeder shepherds hook facing the birdbath/racoon water trough…


I have 2 or 3 of those critters cross my driveway almost every night. They exit the storm drain entrance on the other side of the street as they have been doing for about 35 years. One morning there was a family of 5 that moved in under my house, what a nightmare it was getting them to move out. :astonished:

We see 2 to 4 every night. My Outdoor Cam’s revealed that my hummingbird feeders were a bit to low, and accessible by the Raccoons. We moved them to higher Sheppard hooks, but were quite entertained at the gymnastics they embarked upon to drain the feeders. I’ll post that video later when I get home.

We co-exist peacefully with the Raccoons… I just want to know why the mice and rats I capture on my Wyze Camera’s haven’t been taken care of by the Raccoons… perhaps the Raccoons don’t dine on mice and rats.

Then there are the coyotes that occupy the same space…. , i’ve seen them on the same path, within a minute of one another, but so far, haven’t seen or heard a ‘meeting’ of the two yet.


I lived peacefully with the Racoons after I got them out from under the house. My foundation has metal wire vent screens and they pried one off and got in and stayed under the house for a couple months. I thought I had all of them out and installed new vent screens. One was still under the house and ripped the metal screen apart from the inside at about 3:00AM one morning. They are very strong, especially when trapped or cornered. They are happy and so am I. :upside_down_face:

Gimpy and friend crossing my new concrete driveway. I’m happy that the concrete was dry enough that they didn’t leave their paw prints all across it :astonished: