Possum video taken with Wyze Cam V3

I’m absolutely loving the Wyze Cam V3 and Outdoor Camera


Must be a cousin of Petronella Possum :upside_down_face: This screenshot is from one of many of the Racoon/Possum videos that one of my WCO (Critter cam) has taken.


Awesome bro !!

Thanks for posting! These “nocturnal visit” videos are always fun to see!

Last night. Maybe I will turn my motion light off, the WCO doesn’t like it.

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:joy: as soon as the light turned on, they all run away. The raccoons in my area like to look in windows-

Great critter production. I get that almost every night, the same cat comes about 4 times, the raccoons come in under the fence gate. The possum comes by then the raccoons go back home later on, critter freeway. I’m using a WCO so I only get 12 sec.clips but I’m doing scheduled event recording so I have longer clips recorded to the SD card in the cam. I have to change the water in the bowl because those goofy coons keep putting their dirty paws in the water and getting mud in the bowl.

Paw wash and drink station. the gang was early to arrive last night. They are always in such a hurry.

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