Paw wash and drink

I put one of my WCO near ground level to see what the raccoons that come by every night were up to. I set the cam for scheduled event recording and got some good stuff. This is a short cloud video.


I was surprised the your floodlight camera didn’t activate when your raccoon walked by.

I have a Amcrest floodlight camera in my backyard, with multiple V3’s and WOC’s in the back yard. The raccoons cause the Amcrest floodlight to illuminate, and the v3’s record them as they walk by headed to a water fountain in my neighbors back yard.

They occasionally have drank from my birdbath as well.


That is just an old style 12 year old Halogen motion light and I only have one bulb in it right now. The light does come on when the cats walk by but not the raccoons ? I think the use a cloaking device :slightly_smiling_face: I might move the detection sensor today and see what happens.

Lights work, need to adjust one light so it isn’t pointing at the cam. This guy stopped to scratch his fleas.
Review of the play I think he was marking his territory :weary:

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