Raccoon family just passin through

[Mod Note]: Re-encoded 1st video to properly display in Chrome browser.


I only had 2 raccoons last night and a bonus Possum. :grinning:
I don’t know why I can’t play the first video on this Windows 10 PC but the bottom video works fine. I watched the top one on my iPhone. This happens a lot to me ???

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It was a busy night in my driveway last night too. I think this is the same racoon that raided the robin nest last month.

All of the times are off 2 hours, For some reason, all of my V2 and V3 cameras are showing 2 hours behind and are not syncing up when commanded. Has anyone else seen that? My app and firmware version are the current beta versions.


Trash puppies scrounging🤣 Good stuff

Me too with Chrome, Firefox never seems to have an issue.

At least one of the critters crossing your driveway would have been in a cast iron pan by lunch time for me. :deer: :deer: :deer:

Two problems. First, deer season doesn’t open until September. Second, I am not allowed to hunt within the city limits. But, I agree, I need some tender venison in the freezer. :smiley:

Season, Ha!!! Never heard of it. Anyway those tall rats taste better in the late fall and winter.

I just noticed that too

I love this! So cute!

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