Stealth mode raccoon

Another great cam plus video gone nuts. :raccoon: :rofl:
All the scores of other critter videos are normal as is the recording on the SD card.


Cloaking device.


I saw a documentary last night where the filmmaker and her subject embedded unexposed 16mm film stock into the native grasses short-munched by the indigenous horses. It is a remote 1x20 mile island with no light pollution and a sky dense with stars.

Maybe this v3 is arty and envious and is sabotaging uploads to the The Great Cam Plus until you embed it in your short-mown indigenous grasses? Like :cam_v3: ‘Jeez, boss, coons again, and from the same angle?’ :upside_down_face:

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Yes that happened all the time on floodlight v1 if I set it to hd when on sd it doesn’t happen

Maybe he arrived in the magic white truck I’ve posted before since it did the same thing only better.


This had become a comedy replay show or wa

Exactly nothing but a s””t show