Caught a couple of bandits

Couple of racoons in the driveway (1.85 MB)

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Is this mounted out doors, possibly under the eaves?

What was the temp outside when this was taken? A guess would be fine.



Yes it’s outdoors, it’s magnetically attached to the flashing (I think that’s what it’s called) between a roof peak.

Power is delivered from the Xmas light hook up out there.

Temp was about -2 Celsius.

I’ve had the camera out there for about a week now with this being the coldest day, some light rain too and it’s been fine so far, fingers crossed it stays that way!

I have mine outdoors running, handing under the overhang. I am in the middle of North Dakota and its been as low as -20 degrees F and still working fine.

Looks great. Thinking of trying the covered outdoor install myself. Seems lots of people are having success with them outdoors so far.

Very nice. Good quality image!

Great looking video of those rascals. It’s nice to know it can be mounted outside under the eaves. Still WYZE needs to come up with a weather/rain-proof enclosure.

Were the police able to identify the two and make an arrest?

They had trouble because they were wearing masks.

nice :slight_smile:

Look at their little footprints! They’re not good at covering up their crime are they? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: