Need a bigger Bird Bath… What type of Bird is this?

East facing V3 cam ground level:

West facing V3 cam ground level

WOC mounted on Shepherds Hook: (I’m going to have to change the angle on this WOC to accommodate the somewhat taller visitor than the finches that are the predominate visitor to the bird bath.)


Wow! Magnificent!

The Racoons told everyone about their drinking spot :slightly_smiling_face:

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Great capture! Not a bird guy so can’t tell you what type, but some sort of raptor I think…

The Normal group of birds are these small finches (at least that what I think they are)… I guess they all ‘left the scene’ when this hawk arrived…

It’s going to be a shame to loose access to this type of footage, when I let my Cam Plus subscription expire. (I refuse to pay a subscription for 15 cameras per month), Going to start looking for something to replace the Wyze Cams, that I don’t have to pay a subscription fee to UNCRIPPLE these camera’s from the 12 sec on, 5 minute BLACKOUT setup they force you into.


For your WOC you can set it for scheduled event recording. I have all 4 of mine set for 10 days, you can go to 30. I set them with no cooldown, and a max video length of 2 min. for each event, you can go to 5 min. I still get the 12 second cloud events but if I know or think the event last longer I take the 32GB SD card out of the camera and watch the entire event. The only birds I get are the ones that land on top of the cams and all I see is tail feathers.

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The Hawk returned today, but did it make a very graceful landing. (once he got his wits about him, and made his way back to the trellis, he stayed there for about 5 minutes, before he flew away.

Looking at the footage again, perhaps there was a mouse or something down there that he went after, right after he landed on the Trellis.

Interesting how he landed not on TOP of the Trellis, but in that small rectangular area.