Eagles, vulture, and an angry hawk on Wyze v3 camera

I had some eagles and a vulture over for seafood last week. The main course, a bass was frozen, but there were no complaints otherwise. Well actually, there were. The eagle found it difficult to do “take-out” since the fish was frozen in place. Also, a hawk got irate when the vulture didn’t share.

Vultures don’t share well …

But do feel free to share the link for the video. The duration is 10 minutes.

Equipment used:

  • Almost al the video* was taken by two Wyze 3 cameras
  • I took the stills and some shaky video near the end using my expensive DSLR.

Some good camera angles and very nice editing job.

I like how they start pecking at the ice starting around 7min9sec

I tried to get it to link to the timestamp, but I guess it doesn’t embed that way like Youtube’s do.

What other cameras were you using besides the Wyze cam?

That was a smart place to put a camera. :slight_smile:


Most of the video was from two Wyze v3 cameras. The zoom and pans were created during post-processing.

I shot the stills and some of the latter shaky video (e.g., starting at 8:48) using a handheld Canon 6D DSLR at a focal length of 300 mm.

Wow, that is really impressive how good the quality was zoomed in!

Thanks! The zooms and pans were added in post-processing using my video editor (Corel VideoStudio Pro) since the source videos from the two Wyze V3 cameras were of fixed focal length and always pointed in the same direction.

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You need to find a bunch of road kill, throw it out on the ice and host a banquet for all those great flying creatures. :eagle: :penguin: Very nice video.

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That’s a great idea! I am just imagining what the banquet invitation would look like! :slightly_smiling_face:

Seriously I am considering tossing out some more meat as long as the pond stays frozen.

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Just don’t send an invitation to the crows or ravens, your banquet would be over in 30 seconds. :grin:
When I had a large almond tree in my front yard 50+ crows would show up and strip it bare of nuts in about 30 min. shells flying every where.

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My neighborhood is swarming with flocks of those Crows/Ravens year round, They didn’t even leave for winter.

My cats are smart enough to know not to try to play with those birds too :rofl: