Trying to force Cam Plus - Even in SD card playback?!

Hi forum. Is anybody else being forced to look at this stupidity, where they are trying to force you to get Cam Plus? I’m recording to SD card, and have no intention to subscribe. Is there any way to remove it? There cams might get better and better, but there [Mod Edit] is also growing! Thanx in advance

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Stop trying to look at the events page. Go directly to uSD card playback.

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Is there anyway to get direct access to SD card (over local network?) rather than have to use the limited app playback

At this time, no. The ability to remotely access the uSD card has been requested for years.

I’ve a friend that has 5 Wyze cams. He’s been make detection setting changes, and it pops up messages to inform him, he’s not signed up for Cam Plus. So, I encouraged im to sign up for Cam Plus Lite to test drive it. See if he wanted to stay with Lite. When he tries to select Lite, it times him, he’s not signed up. So, he goes to the section as instructed, and it won’t offer Lite, just regular. He’s tried both using his phone and his computer. It keeps offering Cam Plus Unlimited for $3.49 a month via the app, but only on the app. Goes back to single licenses for Plus at $2.99 on the web. I never signed up for Lite, only Plus, so don’t have an experience with the loop he’s in. They surely do not make it easy.

I’ve been having the same issue since like 2 days ago and it’s annoying. Have u fixed urs? Or anyone have a workaround for it other than purchasing the Cam Plus since that was why I got the SD card in the first place?