Cam Plus Lite? SD card?

I use SD cards in all my cameras. How does this change to the subscription policy affect my setup? Will i still be able to access the videos on my SD card via the app as I do now? I’m confused. Why would I need the Cam Plus Lite paid service? What is the advantage?

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The chem Plus subscription will change absolutely nothing with your SD card. They are completely separate entities just as they are now, having cam plus light will give you the added benefit of being able to filter out the events with filters I’ll be at there will be a cool down with the lite version. This will make it easier to find certain things in your SD card via the jump to playback button. So there will be at least one upside


Thank you for the explanation and assurance. That being said, I have purchased a doorbell but have not installed it as of yet. With that, will I need at least the Cam Plus Lite?

Yes I would recommend it, if you get much traffic by your door and are able I would recommend cam plus. For the cost it has been worth it for me considering the lack of SD card on the video doorbell. So it’s the ONLY WAY to not miss anything.

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The sd card is for continuous recording,so you can hit the playback and see it all,and the card is in there for recording time lapses, also its different on the battery cameras due 2 there is no playback

Cam Plus Lite doesn’t work with the doorbells yet but the old cloud recording will continue to work until Cam Plus Lite does or until Wyze doesn’t want us to use it any more. :slight_smile: