SD Card and Wyze Subscription Services

I have a Cam V3 and I was told by customer service that if I do not pay the monthly subscription fee for Cam Plus, the only way to see video that was recorded to the SD card is to remove the card from the camera and I have to play it back on a separate device. Is this true?

From what I read, if I decided to not pay the monthly subscription on the camera I can still playback recorded video via the app. That is one of the main reasons I bought the camera to begin with.

Whoever told you that, they were high on something that I would not try. SD card recordings are accessible via Wyze app by selecting Playback and are not affected by subscription. You just have to make sure that you have them enabled either as Continuous or Events Only. Your preference.


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Do you have a Customer Service Ticket number or name of the individual who told you this so that Wyze can offer some retraining?

@habib is correct. There is absolutely no limitation on viewing your recorded SD Playback footage regardless of having a subscription or not.


Thanks everyone for the responses. I did not get a CS Ticket number or name of the agent I spoke too. This is my first experience with Wyze and I slightly frustrated because the CS team is not very helpful and no one ever gets back to me as always promised.


Look into Cam Plus Lite Name Your Own Price, including Zero per month if cost is an issue. Cam Plus Lite – Wyze