Wyze V2 playback without subscription and with and without SD conundrum

I see on various threads, that there are issues with playbacks and just spinning wheel constantly, when trying to view. I believe, again from threads, that Wyze are looking into this?
I have this on both my cameras, after all working fine, until upgrade.
Read someone suggested removing them and then reinstalling them. Did that with one, and now asking me to sign up to subscription - this one has no SD card, it is purely to check on cat. Just has a still image and asks me to sign up.
The other one has SD and all worked perfectly for a few years, until upgrade.
Very frustrating. HELP.
thank you

Have you considered Cam Plus Lite where payment is optional?

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Thanks. I did have that on both, until the latest issue. But since I reinstalled one, there doesn’t seem to be that option.