Viewing Playback through the web

Signed up for Cam Plus Unlimited and associated it with my two Wyze Cam 3’s. I can see Live Stream and Events, but I cannot figure out how to view Playback, which is what I need this for. Any ideas what needs to be done?

The title of your topic indicates you want to do this thru the Web, which would be in Wyze Web View. This is not possible. Wyze Web View has no functionality for accessing the SD Card.

In the Wyze App, the SD Card can be accessed by pressing the Playback bar at the bottom of the Live Stream UI or by pressing the Playback SD Card Icon at the bottom of the Event Video Viewer UI.

Alternatively, you can also pull the SD Card and view the individual video files indexed in folders using a SD Card Reader in a computer and then play the videos in a compatible Video Player program.