How to access Web View?

Newer user. I recently purchased Wyze v3 camera and installed SD cards, subscribed to Cam Plus. Set up camera, etc. Working camera was taken by intruder. How do I access the videos that were captured before it was unplugged? I signed up for Cam Plus because of Wyze’s talk about Web View and now need it, but can’t find how to access it. HELP!!!

Welcome to the community @PArel . I am a community member as well and try to help when I can.

WEBView has not been released yet. I believe you can go into your App, select Events at the Bottom and scroll through the recorded events stored on the cloud. You will not be able to use the SD Card as that would have been with the Camera.

If that does nto work, you can reach out to Wyze:

phone: (206) 339-9646 Available Monday - Friday 4 am - 8 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT, or online:

This is what The Events tab should look like:

Like @spamoni4 stated, your events will be able to be accessed via the app in the events tab for 14 days. Be sure to download any pertinent video to your device to save it otherwise it’ll get auto deleted after 2 weeks.

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Thank you. I looked first at the events tab, but it is also empty saying there are no events.

So, I guess the Wyze platform is useless as a security platform unless we pay for monitoring as well? What a ripoff.

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Paul Arel

The site is currently in testing… could launch soon.

Are all your filters removed from the event tab to make sure all is shown? The webview platform is just another way to view what’s available to you in the app. The webview won’t show you more or less than what’s viewable in the app, it’s just a different presentation of it. Any video that was successfully uploaded from the camera to the cloud will be visible in your event tab. Even though the camera is unplugged the cloud videos will still be visible if they were uploaded successfully. Make sure to check the previous days events as only one day is listed at a time in the event tab to see if anything was captured then.

My events tab has always seemed to empty itself after ~2 weeks-ish…

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Paul Arel

That is normal. Cloud storage (free or camplus) holds clips for 14 days then they are deleted from the cloud automaticly.

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