Trouble with Pan Cam v2

having trouble with my camera, it was working for about 2 weeks then went out, what is happening is I get the “Ready to Connect” message then log into my network, get the QR code and show it to the camera, I never get the QR code scanned message and after a little while the camera rotates and then sits there, doesn’t connect to my network or anything for that matter. Now I’m not sure if this might be the cause but this is the last thing the camera recorded before going out. and no, I don’t live on Mars so that red tinge is not normal and only showed up on the camera on the last frame it took

@wabbit9298 , sorry to see you are having issues like this.

Since you are trying to set it up again. I would try printing the QR Code and then hold the print image up in front.

As for the Purple color, I have seen this before and corrected mine by cycling through each of Night Vision Modes. Basically, go from Auto, to On and wait for it to change, then on to off and wait again, the Off to Auto and wait.

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Well I could cycle through the night vision modes AFTER I get it connected but can’t even get it connected to do that, have a support ticket in Wyze Ticket 2322736 but haven’t heard from them, not even an acknowledgement that they received it.

Always better to call them.

Did you try to print the QR Code and scan it that way?

I did call them first, they said they would send an email which I never got, was told by the service rep on the phone they would send a replacement but never got the email for it and still haven’t, and I can’t print the QR code? first off how would I get it on my computer to print it?, second my printer is either dried up or no longer works for printing since in this digital age how much printing is really needed?

You can try rotating your phone, adjusting brightness, make sure you dont have a forced dark mode, adjust your position to eliminate glare, etc.

Just checking… are you sure you chose “Wyze Cam Pan v2” when adding your new cam via the Wyze app and not “Wyze Cam Pan”?

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