Pan Cam Setup / QR read problem

Hi. Need some help. I have 2 Cam Pans. One is approx. 9 months old and the other is 5 months. Both were disconnected (powered off) for a few months. Powered on the newer one and had to change its’ connection to a different network id by deleting it from the account, re-added the device, went thru setup process with QR code (which it read from an iPad) and it’s up and running no problem.
And then there’s the older one…! Powered it back on and got the Code 90 error. Restarted with same result. This camera had connectivity problems in the past. I wasn’t even trying to change its’ network connection just wanted it back up as before. So I decided to start over with it. Deleted it from account, went thru setup process BUT it will not read QR code from either iPad or iPhone XR . I then did a factory reset. Symptoms:

  1. When rebooting only get solid yellow light for a few seconds and then no light. (Now this might be because I had status light turned off when it was working and forgot to turn it back on before factory reset, although I wouldn’t be able to do that anyway since it wouldn’t connect to network and I would think factory reset would resolve that anyway).
  2. If I wait until solid yellow goes out and hold button on bottom there is no response.
  3. If I hold button before yellow goes out it will spin and announce “ready to connect” twice and then go silent, solid yellow goes out. Will not read QR code no matter how much tilting or spacing from lens.
  4. Currently it has been powered on for approx. an hour and every few minutes it will click a few times, do its’ full spin and return to center. So it has become possessed I suppose. :slight_smile:
    I know it had the latest firmware before all this started.
    So right now I’m stuck as to what to do.
    Thanks for any suggestions.
    p.s. I like these cameras very much for the value you get, but admittedly they can be finicky at times.

If you currently have an SD card in that camera, try taking it out and retry adding the device.

No SD card installed. I’m going to try a firmware update with an SD card. Will post update.

Roger that…keep us posted! :slight_smile:

Ok, good news. Re flashed firmware to latest release level using SD card and demo.bin. Camera is restored to last settings and functional again. Happy Camper !

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Good to hear! :slight_smile: