Two Pan Cams, 1 is great, the other... not so much

Set up on first Pan Cam was a breeze. Second Cam at first wouldn’t blink yellow, stayed solid yellow, but after dozens of attempts at resetting while holding reset button or not while connecting to power, with and without sd card, I managed to get to the set up. I get as far as “Scan QR Code” and camera will go no further continuing to repeat the same phrase. I’ve attempted this on two different days for a few hours each day. No joy. Is this camera a dud or is there something else I should try? Using original plug and wire.

You should file a support ticket on this right away to get in the queue.

In the mean time, click Support at the top of this page and then Troubleshooting and see if any of the suggestions there helps. One thing to try might be to flash the firmware in case the problem is a bad firmware load.