Can't run setup on Cam Pan

Hello everyone,

I have several Wyze cams and love them. All my cams are regular v2 except one of them, which is a Cam Pan. All cameras were working just fine until recently, when my Cam Pan just stopped connecting. As I have read from others and from the push notification that Wyze sent out recently, I believe my issue is with the latest firmware update.

So, not being able to connect my Cam Pan for days, I removed my camera from the network and attempted to re-add it. I have run through the setup process many times, I know it well. You plug the cam in, wait for the flashing yellow light, then show it the QR code. It runs through the rest of the setup, you name it, and then should be good to go.

What specifically happens for me is the following: I plug the camera in, wait for the solid yellow to start flashing, hit the setup button and hear ‘ready to connect’, and attempt to show it the QR code. However, about 1 second after the yellow light starts flashing, the cam begins to do its calibrating turn, as does the camera lens. During this time, the cam is not responsive to the QR code. Also, once the cam stops turning, the flashing yellow turns to a solid yellow. The cam is again not responsive to the QR code and pressing the setup button again does not do anything. The only thing that I can do is unplug it, plug it back in, and try again.

This happened right after the recent firmware update, and only to the Cam Pan. All the other cams updated with no issues. I don’t know what to do. I can’t run setup, so the update seems to have effectively bricked my cam. Is there some kind of hidden factory reset button somewhere that I’m missing?

All of my cams are currently running v4.9.4.28, and my app is Android v2.1.31. I am reaching out to the community because I contacted Wyze support via the form above on the 11th, waited patiently, but have yet to hear back from them. If anyone knows what I’m doing wrong or can offer some advice, I would greatly appreciate it!

Hi, @jayson.hickie. Sorry to hear you’re having issue with your Pan. First please try to do a factory reset. If that is not successful, then a firmware flash. You could try the same firmware, or select a specific version. Below are the support articles on it.

Appreciate the info on doing a factory reset. I was sure there had to be a way! So, I walked through the process and finally got it to respond to the setup button. Got it back on the network and verified it had the most current firmware.

Then I discovered a new problem… every time I put the SD card back in, it would stop connecting! I would click on the camera and it would just hang at Step 1 of the connection process. When I attempted to format the card from the app, it would tell me there was no card inserted. I was also getting this weird sound every time I put the card in, like a sharp double chime. I had no indication if the sound was signifying correct insertion or an error, which is odd because the cam setup has voice feedback.

So I took the card back out and popped it into my PC. It immediately said there was something wrong with the files on the SD card, and attempting to repair was unsuccessful. I ultimately reformatted the SD card. Put it back into the cam, and presto! It works. It seems to me that the issue may have originated from something faulty or corrupted on the SD card. Not sure if that was from the firmware upgrade or not, but the timing was very coincidental.

Thanks again for your assistance! You have been very helpful with both of my issues.

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You’re very welcome! :slight_smile: