Cam pan 2 wont read qr code

Cam pan 2 has acted up now and then and needs a reboot since I got it. Now it’s offline, so I tried to reconnect it only gets as far as “ready to connect” but never reads the QR code and then reboots. Guess it’s toast.

That’s certainly a possibility. A couple things to check.

  1. Make sure all of the QR code is visible (some people have had the bottom cut off)
  2. Try with radically different background lighting (i.e. the lighting behind the phone - very dark to very light).
  3. I don’t have a Pan 2, so I don’t have a good idea what the usual scanned distance is - it varies quite a bit for different camera models. Slowly move from about three inches out to two feet. I’ve never seen one at either of those extremes, but ya never know,…
  4. Try a different phone or tablet if you have a second device on the account.
  5. If able, print the QR code and scan the printout rather than the phone screen.

Another option is to lay the phone flat and slowly move the cam in and out from the phone.

Also try a factory reset before you pronounce it DOA.

In addition to the others. if you are using Dark mode on the phone, turn it off. This has been an issue in the past with Dark Mode and not being able to read the QR Code as it cannot read the outer edges of the image.

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Thanks for the advice, everyone!! Wyze determined it’s defective now. We’ll see if I get a replacement.

My cam pan is off line and won’t read the qr code at all. I have done the in and out with the phone and paying for service I can’t use because I can’t get it back online. Pay for cam plus on my outdoor cam too and can’t use live view on it. I will buy a solar tile to power the camera. I just want webview on my outdoor cam and my cam pan to monitor the inside of the house.