QR Code not recognized

Hi everyone.

I have two v2 (non-pan) and two Pan models. The v2 models connected to my phone very quickly/easily. The Pan don’t find the QR code when I try to connect. I’ve tried as far as three feet away and as close as touching the screen. I’ve tried different screen brightness. I’ve even tried my phone and my tablet. Nothing seems to be working. I do not have screen protectors on either device. I can’t think of anything else that I could try.




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I have a solution!

I found the family’s punishment phone from 3 years ago. I was able to install the Wyze app and get each of my Pans to recognize the QR code on those devices.

I had previously tried using my Pixel 2 and Pixelbook. Then I tried my wife’s Pixel 2. None of those devices worked. I noticed the QR code was much larger on the Samsung punishment phone. Maybe that made the difference.

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Thanks for updating the post with your solution. I was really hoping it would be the same for me, but tried on three different devices and it still won’t recognize the QR code. I even took a screenshot of the QR code so I could pinch zoom and make it larger on the screen, but no luck.

Anyone else have tips to get this to work?

So I ended up leaving the camera unplugged for about an hour and trying again, and got it to recognize the QR at about 6"

Hope this helps someone else.

It seems to be very sensitive to any motion, and of course you have to watch for reflections. Once I started putting the phone down on the surface by the camera so it would be perfectly still, the cameras would see them within a couple seconds.


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