Solid pink screen and won't connect

Been using my 2 pan cams and my 2 cam v2’s for a while now. They have all been doing really well, especially since I upgraded our WiFi a few weeks back. Yesterday I noticed one of the pan cams will no longer connect to the internet, though it was doing perfectly fine on new internet for weeks, had a great signal and also now has a solid pink screen, so I can’t see anything.
Any suggestions? Thanks!
Btw…I tried deleting and reinstalling the device but it won’t read the qr code…just keeps saying “ready to connect”.

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Have you tried factory resetting the camera?
If you’ve already tried this or it doesn’t work let me know!


I tried deleting the camera from the app and reinstalling but the cameras can’t see the QR code for some reason.

What @StopICU33 said is a great tip. :+1: If that doesn’t work you could also try contacting Wyze about this issue.

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@benszabotx Try this. Scroll the QR code up or down until you see the whole code. Then scan with the Wyze cam.

See this thread for an example.

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@Brlepage I’m sorry, I’m new to forum and didn’t see your link/attachment. I tried doing the 10sec factory reset, but the light now stays yellow and won’t do it’s little initiate spin dance at all. Tried it a couple times. Thanks for your reply!

Sounds like a bad camera! I could be wrong though.