Trouble with my v3 live videos

Good afternoon
I have been having trouble with my live videos, pausing and stopping, video events, being missed, pausing, and stopping. I have been in contact with customer support over in the Philippines. I have had no luck with getting my problem resolved. I have sent several reports on failures of my four wise V3 cameras. My cameras are still under warranty. And customer support in the Philippines. Refuses to give me new cameras to replace my failing cameras. My frustration is beginning to get the best of me. What can you do for me?

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We can only try and help you out. We can’t replace your cameras as we are users as yourself.
Looks like you have v3’s non Pro cameras.
What is the firmware version, app version and OS?

How often do you do a full power cycle reboot on your WiFi Router and the cams?

All cameras are up to date OS is Apple

As @SlabSlayer is suggesting, maybe power cycle router, modem and cams. Just power cycling the router fixes issues with my cams.

There are hours and hours of reading on the interwebs about the benefits of power cycling routers. With the proliferation of WiFi gagetry, the 2.4Ghz roadways have become incredibly congested. This is of particular importance to those older routers already working towards the outer limits of their maximum capability.

It’s a good first step in troubleshooting what sounds like a slow WiFi network, one that is deprioritizing cams (QOS), is overloaded, or is experiencing band intereference.

I power cycle my cams nightly. When I was on my Model T router, I also cycled it nightly (I suspect there was a related reason the OEM put that scheduled reboot option into the OS). I upgraded to a first edition Mesh and went to once a week. I am now on a second gen Mesh and reboot once a month.

So, having failures on 4 cams is unlikely to be solely a cam issue. I don’t defend Wyze much, because some of their radios tend to suck, but all 4 of them having issues leads me to other questions.
What is your internet connection? Residential connections tend to be pretty weak on the uplink unless they are symmetrical fiber. They’re basically designed to download streams, not upload them.
I’m not a fan of rebooting routers; mine gets rebooted when it upgrades or on a major loss of carrier sync and I have no hardware connection/reconnection issues. But in your case, I would give it a shot and see if it helps. So, what router are you using?
I’d also look at latency back to the Wyze servers from your location. Many cam service providers tend to have ‘one and done -ish’ connections that don’t wait forever for an upload or error out quickly. That’s just the nature of the beast. A laggy uplink can mess with that.
That said, I had issues with my outdoor cams missing events or failing uploads while other non-Wyze cams and even an inside Wyze pan cam caught them at the same moment. Fixed that by not having two Wyze cams triggering at the same time.
But again, all 4 having issues doesn’t sound like it’s really a Wyze issue.

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I have done all the suggestions given to me by the Wyze team. Includ including the above mentioned. Very disappointed as of late. The folks I spoke with overseas, we are very very nice. My problem is though, have not been rectified.


This is the only problem I have ever had with wise products. Thank you all for your opinions based on your experience…

You came here seeking answers which is why I asked some additional questions, based on 30+ years in IT including running an ISP back in the day.
The odds of having 4 cameras failing are quite slim, and I’d expect to see the forum buried with similar complaints. We’d like to help but don’t have information to be able to do that. From a tech point of view, I’d ask to see your results from speedtest or, including uplink and latency. As well as a traceroute from your internet to the Wyze servers. Also, the type of router/modem you are using. Those things can and do make a difference.
I’m not saying it is impossible for you to have 4 bad cameras, but that there are other possibilities that may be causing the issue. And tech support may be friendly, etc. but they are usually limited to the scripts and stock answers they are given.

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Buffering and inability to stream and record at high resolution are also indicators of poor connectivity, whether local WiFi or service.

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Thank you for your help. I will give it a try and let you know.

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You can also try RouteThis Helps app, available for both iOS and Android. It’s a troubleshooting tool for Wyze. You stand as close as possible to your camera and start the app. It will analyze the network from that spot to the router and router to Wyze servers and give you a report. I use it to make sure that the location to my cam will be better than good enough.


Excellent idea!

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I was just informed that Wyze no longer uses RouteThis Helps as troubleshooting tool due to licensing issues.


That’s too bad, it’s a good idea. You can test wifi easy enough but routing’s tougher with distributed servers today. Usually, it’s pretty good though once you clear the other side of your edge.


Thank you!