Trouble pressing buttons on corner of app

anyone having trouble pressing the buttons in the upper left/right corners of the screen? e.g., bell icon, gear icon or back page. it seems that these take multiple presses to execute the desired command. also, i have a great deal of difficulty operating the pan scan directional button when trying to program a pan scan or the live screen scan using the directional button. no problem swiping to scan, however. reinstall app???

Yes, small phone? I’ve found if I swipe across the button/bell/gear instead of trying to press it, I have better success. I don’t have a pan cam, so I can help on that.


Though it was a different app (not WYZE), I had better luck activating a button by pressing the area a bit to the right of it. I don’t recall what the other app was, but the off-to-the-side press worked.

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I have the same problem trying to change the size of the detection zone.

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I have that same issue as well. I have to switch to tablet to change it.

I have iPhone’s magnification turned on so I can see the little line going through the bell and read the micro print they use in the app. It also comes in handy setting the detection zone on that 2.25" image I have to work with.

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