turning camera from phone

Can this camera just turn left and right a few feet or does it only go in a complete circle to the far left or to the far right? How do you get it to stop in the middle?

It can be stopped anywhere in the 360 degree arc. The Pan Scan function can be set to four waypoints anywhere in that arc. If you are moving it manually, it stops when you remove your finger from the “joystick” controller in the app.

that’s not the case. It moves completely to the left or completely back to the right no matter how fast, long, hard or gentle you push the buttons. It really sucks too because I try to view while I’m away and it doesn’t stop to allow me to look at anything.

That’s not right. I suggest you file a support ticket from within the app after this happens so Wyze can examine the logs.

thanks, I’ll just have to figure out how to do that.