Cam Pan stopped scanning :(

I moved my Cam Pan, and reset my scanning waypoints, but now it will not scan! In the waypoint setup screen, I can hit the Preview button and it dutifully scans between all my set waypoints (and yes, I did hit Save after setting them up). When I exit the setup screens, the camera just stays at the last position it was in-it doesn’t scan!
I can return to the setup screen and Preview again, and it scans correctly, just not in the ‘normal’ operations?
Any ideas?
I’m using firmware, I have another Cam Pan with the same firmware, and it’s still scanning away just like it should (but I haven’t tried to reset the waypoints again since the last firmware update).
Any ideas???

Welcome to the Wyze community @steve257!
Did you make sure that Pan Scan is enabled by going to more, then pan scan?
Also, try power cycling (unplugging and plugging back in) the camera.

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BINGO! I don’t know how it got turned off (surely I didn’t do it :rofl:), but it was disabled! Turned it on, and I’m happily scanning away again :wink:

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It can happen when you update the camera, its a known issue.