Trigger issue with V3 Cam and "Detects Motion" or "Detects Sound"

I successfully setup a WCO cam to trigger a Wyze Light Strip when it “Detects a Person” which I thought was the best choice for what I am using that WCO for. I also am able to get my Video Doorbell to do the same with “Detect a Person”

But, on my V3, that is pointed at my 17 year old blind cat’s litter box, I thought selecting “Detect motion” was my best bet. Apparently not so. The V3 won’t trigger the Light Strip to come on as it should, nor will “Detects Sound” either. If I change it to “Detects a person” It triggers the Light Strip as it should, but I don’t think that’s going to work for when the cat makes a visit to the litter box.

What am missing here?


What are the rest of the rules actions/triggers? If you post a screenshot make sure all actions are visible. Thanks!

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This one just worked for me, so yes, as @Omgitstony said, let’s see your whole rule. :slight_smile:

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Hello Omgistony & Newhound,

Thank you for the quick reply, Last night, MOTION would not work at all on the V3 cam, only person detection.

This morning, I made no changes, and waved my hand around the target (the cat box) and walked around the target, and it worked… I did a 2nd test a few minutes later, it did not work.

Not sure why the inconsistent result that I’m experiencing where it works great, then doesn’t work at all.

Here are the rules off the ipad, as I can see all steps (couldn’t see all on the iPhone):

Here are the ‘history’ of what the rules where doing When they actually worked.

Not sure how to troubleshoot when the V3 does not trigger when it should.


Since you’ve been playing with Person detection can I assume you have Cam Plus on the camera? If not there is a 5-minute timeout until the next Detect Motion can occur.

Hello Newsbound,

Correct, I’m paying for the 99 devices plan by the year at present,

Does the Version of the Wyze App that I’m running play into this ?

The iPad app icon says Beta and its running:

iPad: 2.27.16 (5)

The iphone, I am assuming I didn’t install the beta, and it’s running:

Iphone: V2.26.21


Do you use the light strip for anything other than this? My only thought is that all the modifiers are screwing up the on action. If this is the only use for these light strips and they’re always at 100%, or always at 95%, I would remove those modifiers because each time they turn on it’ll stay at what it was previously, or should. Try removing the modifiers and only keep the two on actions and try that. So the only two actions for that rule should be to turn on those two light strips.

I don’t know why person detection vs motion detection would work one over the other though. This would simplify the rule though

I’ve two light strips on the house, one in my office, one in the living room behind the 75" TV.

My first rule I created was to have my doorbell trigger both light strips to ON and RED. that worked great.

I then created another rule to turn the two light strips off, after they have been on for 40 Seconds.

That worked as expected.

My next goal, how that I had some success was to get both of those light strips to turn on when my V3 camera saw motion (doing what we can to keep our 17 year old blind cat from stepping in the wrong place after doing her business in the litter box).

That seems to be not so reliable of a trigger.

With the light behind the TV, instead of turning it off after 40 seconds, I’d of preferred to of returned it to the state that it was in before it was triggered, but didn’t see a means to do that.

So, it appears that the Wyze AI might not be able to handle anything complex at this time, and I should stick to very simple one step triggers?