Transfer camera to alternate account

Can anyone please suggest if there is any way to transfer a working camera to an alternate account?

The scenario is we have had to send replacement cameras to a very remote location and ask someone locally to get them up and running under their own account.

Now we simply want the cameras to be transferred from that local persons account to our account.

Since we were just reluctant to share the credentials of out account, is our only option to set new credentials to our account, share them with the remote local person, have them add the cameras then change our credentials afterwards?


That’s pretty much your only option.
He would have to login to your account and add the cameras.
Rather than sending your current password, change your password to something simple first. After he adds the cameras change it back to your regular password.

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But why not just factory reset it?

Never mind, I think I missed the point.

The camera is in another location.
It’s like me sending you a camera and asking you to connect it to your Wifi but in my WYZE account.

Still, I suppose the remote user could share it back to the main account without having to share credentials…

Oh one more thought, the original owner could temporarily configure a WiFi network with the remote user’s SSID and key (and fully configure the camera before shipping). That way the remote user would be sharing credentials, not the other way around.


Yup, the Wifi SSID/password trick would have worked before the camera was sent.


If you haven’t sent the cameras yet, you can set them up to work with the remote location Wifi.
Can you get that Wifi SSID and password?

Thanks for the replies. Was hoping there was just a simple administrative way to get the cameras moved to my account. The cameras are already up and running on the Wifi at the remote location.

The other rub of the preferred alternative here is having to ask the remote person to re-register the cameras into my account. In this case, cameras are mounted and sort of a pain to have to unmount just to press the reset button under the camera. The person at the remote end is a nice lady that I don’t care to have to ask to do all of that…

If I were you I would consider just leaving it as is and asking for her account credentials. I’m assuming she doesn’t use that Wyze account for anything else.

You can easily log out / log in to the two different accounts, or dedicate one phone/device to the second account. Something like TinyCam might help too.

Good luck regardless.

You could ask her to Share the cameras with you from her account.
You wouldn’t have full control but nearly.

Yea thanks. I’ll prefer things in one account since logging back and forth is quite inconvenient. I’ll get it all in my account eventually… was just hoping for an easier/quicker way that I may not have known about.

Sharing is not going to cut it since the cams have SD cards for playback which you can’t do from shared access.

Well that invites yet another option. Would springing for CMC/CamPlus let you view long events on a shared camera?

Its not even about viewing long events as such. Its more about owning the cameras in my account for lots of other things including tweaking configurations or managing firmware updates etc.

I share your frustration! :rage:

Recently I have also become entangled in the very similar situation of trying to support distant cams belonging to different accounts.

  1. Even knowing the distant login/pwd it’s a royal PITA to keep switching app logins, especially with 2FA.

  2. Wyze default sharing shares too much (can turn off camera without letting anyone else know) and too little (no SD card viewing) at the very same time.

  3. It’s also a royal PITA to keep pestering the innocent civilian at the other end, walking through settings tweaks, updates, etc.

My current brute force and expensive, yet still unsatisfactory work-around is to get their login/pwd and leave the account setup and logged in on a spare device for quick access when issues arise.

We actually use dummy Wyze accounts as these owner accounts so we can all login and admin or retrieve SD card data in a crisis. Then everyone does daily viewing on personal accounts that have been shared to, and promises not to turn off the cams accidentally. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Unfortunately, none of this fixes your current situation any better than your initial plan. :slightly_frowning_face:

But having more control over permissions would sure ease the need for completely switching accounts. You can vote for that here: :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for sharing in my pain @sodcam. And thanks for sharing the related link where @WyzeGwendolyn already replied that there is no nice fix at the moment.

I maintain that its not always the popular ideas that are genius since popular never can = genius, but popularity can = $$ for a company. :blush: What to do, except make your own way until something nicer comes along. Thanks.

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Another idea - multiple accounts in Android. I don’t use that feature very often but it just might do the trick for you two.