Transfer camera to another account

is there a way to transfer a camera that is already on an account to another user account?

i setup a camera for my mother and shared it with her…unfortunately, as a user accessing a shared camera, she cannot view the continuously recorded footage on her phone…so i would like to just transfer the camera to her account…

is there an easy way to do this? or do i need to reset and set it up on her phone fresh?

How about letting her use your Wyze app login credentials?

I would first remove the share.

i have my own cameras at my home and office she doesn’t need or want access to…so that is not an option…

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Not your phone, her phone. Her phone .

On her phone, log off from the Wyze app, then login with yours.

Then she would have access to all his other cameras too, that is what he didn’t want.

Edit. Kind of a janky way but you could remove her cam from your Wyze account, and reset it up on her account. Then share it from her account to yours so you could at least view live and get notifications if needed. Then you could also have her let you know her username and password so if you need to review coverage you could log in as her and view the camera. Make sense? It does in my head but sometimes it’s verbal vomit when it comes out. :slight_smile:


Sorry, I need my morning coffee.

In that case, you’d need to re-register that particular camera for her. It’s just like registering a new phone.

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