Tracking shipments from Wyze/extended warranty

I rec’d the email:

Your Order 34xxxx has shipped on 2019-03-14 via UPS Mail Innovations. Tracking ID 926129999165185434807xxxxx

Please enter your UPS tracking number here or your USPS tracking number here to track the status of your package.

(except I put in x’s for privacy).
Tracking via UPS it was scheduled delivery last night. Tracking via USPS it’s on it’s way to the USPS shipping facility.

A 30 day return policy is almost useless if one has to allow for 10 days shipping each way.
Could Wyze offer an “extended warranty” for a small percentage so we don’t have to be concerned about testing the items out in a short time period.
/edit - also what’s the correct way to follow tracking? USPS?

The best way is contacting Wyze support directly.

Unfortunately, UPS mail innovations is one of the worst shippers in terms of time and tracking. But that’s what Wyze is using to keep costs down. I would hope they would honor the return policy based on receipt date if it came to that.

Sorry to hear about the delay! We do work with delivery date in cases like this. Usually, we’d recommend using UPS tracking for these packages. USPS doesn’t update until they have processed the package and that’s at the end of the delivery process before they send it out to you.

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