Track Lighting Mount/Adapter for Wyze Camera

I want to mount Wyze Cameras in a business that has few secure places near fewer Outlets. The best place to mount the cameras would be up high in the track lighting itself. I am having trouble finding any camera mounts that will snap into the track lighting tracks. You should also create a USB track lighting adapter with Two or three usb ports so we can use one Track lighting usb adapter to power three Wyze Cameras.
I want to have white and black color adapters so that if I have white or black track lighting it will blend in better, but function is more important than aesthetics. I think you would be the first security cameras that can snap into track lighting and that would open a whole new market for security. The Adapter could work with other vendors too but your usb track lighting adapter would be a Global best seller.

The Wyze Cam should also support a rechargeable Battery Pack to keep the Camera working when power goes out.

Do they make similar mounts which support a generic camera mount? If so, you could try something like this: Wyze Cam / Tripod Mount

I doubt there are enough people with this specific use-case to merit making a specific Wyze mount for the purpose.

Apparently this exists.

It’s just the disc part at the top, but it looks like it’s compatible with a generic screw-in mount that has a threaded connector on the end. And you could use it in tandem with something like this for power:


I think it would be swell if there was a track light / USB power adapter so a cam could be attached and powered via a track light.